Corporate Wellness

First up, let us get your people moving! It is a hugely important part of our mission because we know it is one of the most effective ways to improve quality of life. And it is one of the best things we can do for our hearts, too. Share these heart-healthy recommendations with your organization:


While aerobic activity has always been prescribed for heart health, strength and resistance training is becoming an increasingly popular recommendation from doctors and researchers. Weight training, resistance bands, and body weight resistance exercises like pushups and pullups get your heart pumping like aerobic exercises do, but also build lean muscle, reduce dangerous visceral fat around your heart, and even reduce blood pressure(1). Research has also shown that strength training increases your HDL (“the good cholesterol”) levels, regardless of fitness level. Add in increased bone density and sounder sleep, and you’ve got plenty of reasons to hit the weights. The American Heart Association recommends at least two strength training sessions a week(2).  Fieldhouse Fitness offers a wide variety of training sessions, open weight training and many more. Check out our website for a complete schedule.


 The reigning king of cardiovascular exercises is interval training. In fact, interval training might be the best exercise for overall health and weight loss to boot. Why? Well, the strategy of alternating high intensity bursts of physical activity with incremental active recovery times varies your heart rate, optimizing vascular function and cleaning fat from your bloodstream(3).  Plus, you can apply it to whichever physical activity you enjoy: run for a minute and walk for two minutes; combine two laps of freestyle swimming followed by four laps of slower sidestroke. Interval training is fun, efficient, and tremendously effective. Fieldhouse Fitness features various classes that do just this, hard work and rest lead to better results come check us out.

If your corporation is looking to improve or enhance your health and help to drive down cost, look no further than Fieldhouse Fitness. Our corporate wellness is easy to use.


  1. Download the Fieldhouse Fitness App on Enrollment Day

  2. Pay a flat rate in increments depending on company size.

  3. Enjoy higher productivity, lower stress, and better health outcomes.



Option 1

10 Employees - $350 Per Month, $35 per Employee
15 Employees - $495 Per Month, $33 per Employee
20 Employees - $640 Per Month, $32 per Employee
25 Employees - $750 Per Month, $30 per Employee
50 Employees - $1250 Per Month, $25 per Employee
100 Employees - $2000 Per Month, $20 per Employee

Option 2

0-100 visits - $450.00, $4.50 per visit/ 25 visits per week
100-150 visits - $600.00, $4.00 per visit/37 visits per week
150-200 visits - $700.00, $3.50 per visit/ 50 visits per week
201-400 visits - $1000.00, $2.50 per visit/ 100 visits per week

*Every visit over your allotted purchase will be 7.50 per visit.
*proof of employment is required for employee of company
*guests are welcome but do count as a visit for the company; this includes, spouse, significant other, children, friends all visitors employee brings in.



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