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We are pleased to offer an 8-week Sports Training Program June 1 – July 31, 2020! The Fieldhouse.Edge sports training program gives your athlete an EDGE up on their competition!
What is the Fieldhouse.Edge.Anchor month 1
Edge is 4-week sports performance anchor program that will be housed in the CNOS Fieldhouse (300 Centennial Drive, North Sioux City). Fieldhouse.Edge provides a competitive EDGE to the athletes in the Siouxland area. Baseline data will be gathered upon starting the program on day one. After the initial testing, our coaches will take you though functional moves geared toward improving speed, power and mobility. The program will include a maximum of 7 kids per coach and will be an hour daily session. The sessions will be either on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. On off days, at-home workouts will be provided to the athlete to complete with all movements explaine
d on our video library.  

Edge.Speed or Edge.Power month 2
The second 4-week program will be geared toward coach specific programming. We will specialize the athlete in either explosive power or explosive speed. Each class will be specialized for sport specific movements, keeping and staying anchored. In this phase, we will work on more of the kinetic chain instead of the large group muscles that will be focused on in the school settings. 

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Register For QB.ACADEMY

We are excited to offer in July a QB.Academy for athletes in the area interested in improving their quarterback skills! This program will be provided by our Fieldhouse.Edge sports training program and will be held at our facility in North Sioux City!
Starting: July 6 - 1 month camp
Cost: $175 - 2 workouts a week

Open to boys & girls
Ages 10-25

Spots are limited so sign up today:

24-Hour Fitness

3,500 square foot 24-hour access gym that boost brand new top-of-the-line Pecor equipment. Each piece of equipment has QR scanners to access training tips, set reps and add workouts right from your smart phone. The cardio equipment is Bluetooth enabled and allows you to track workouts as well as set goals specific to your fitness needs. 

Spinning Studio

The Spinning Studio features 20 Precor bikes connected to the SPIVI App. The instructor will pick a new virtual location that appears on the large spinning class screens to transport you to different riding trails. By downloading the SPIVI App on your smart phone you can track workouts, compete against other gym members and push yourself to new limits. Classes are being added daily.

Virtual Training

Virtual training involves the use of technology to combine workouts and virtual reality. In other words, you can have the one-on-one training with an instructor from the comfort of your own home. Many individuals have barriers to exercise, such as a lack of time or interest, loss of motivation, or even fear. Guided training using technology can now help individuals break those common barriers and not only exercise, but do so more efficiently. Sign up through FieldHouse Fitness app.


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